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Offshore, Online Bargain Shopping

By Alicia Monasso|Jul 05 2013|Online Bargains |Tags: Online Bargains

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I’ve spent the last couple of weeks checking out what online bargains are to be had. My most successful finds to date have all been from the major US department stores and luckily for us, they now ship to Australia! My favorites - Macys, Bloomingdales and Sax 5th Ave. Signing up to Sax5th Ave Fashion Fix newsletter alerts you to their frequent online sales where you usually save around 70-80%.

My latest purchase was a gorgeous long waterproof jacket with leopard skin collar that was $645.00, bought for $148.00 – bargain! The week before I sported myself to a rust colour suede pair of Chloe boots, reduced from $495 to $138.


One of the great bargains of all time was on Sax 5th Ave site a couple of weeks ago.  A
beautiful Georgio Armani skirt originally $25,000 (that’s not a typo) was going out for $3000.00. Definitely out of my price range but fun to look at all the same.

The great thing about buying from the States is that they are reducing their winter just in time for ours.  In the past, shipping costs would kill the bargain price but not so now.  Expect to pay around $30-$40 for shipping and it does not increase by much for multiple items.  Good idea to get together with your friends or family and place a bulk order.

Shopbop.com is another site to have a look at – good brands at very reasonable prices and again they will alert you to their sales.

Another of my favourites, an oldie but still a goodie is Strawberry Net.  Huge savings on make up, skin care, perfumes and now hair products.  The Redken shampoo that I use is $28.95 in Hair House Warehouse and Strawberry Net sell the same thing for $20.00.  There are also further reductions if you order more than three items at a time and the more orders you place the more reductions you get. The postage is free and the items only take 3 or 4 days to get to Australia.  Once you start using Strawberry Net you will never go back to the Myer cosmetic counters again!


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