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Meet MWS' New Shopping Ambassador– Peach

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We want you to introduce you to expert shopper Peach. We quizzed her about her top shopping tips, favourite brands and her vices.

What's your plan of attack for Christmas shopping? Last-minute, gradual or as it comes?

I don't have a huge Christmas list to shop for but I generally just roll with whatever my owners are doing– and they are all about last minute. 

What are the things you don't mind paying full price for?

I know Melbourne Warehouse Sales' motto is to never pay full price. But dog food is a big one for me. My body is temple so I am happy to lash out on premium, Australian-made Black Hawk dog food. 

Collars, too. I wear this thing everyday– like Marge Simspon and her favourite necklace, so it needs to be a good quality one. That doesn't mean I'm not happy to sniff around for a bargain, but if I can't find anything on sale then full price is okay.

What would you never pay full price for?

Dog toys are always on sale. And generally– I lose interest in them pretty quickly.

How much of your shopping do you do online? What are some of your favourite websites?

I'm a bit of a homebody. If I'm not chasing tail at the local park, then you are pretty much guaranteed to find me at home on the couch. So online shopping is great for me.  Pet Circle and Petbarn are always winners for everyday bits and pieces.

If I really feel like treating myself, I go to American site Max-Bone. It's like Barney's for pets. I think the Kardashian dogs shop there– which I'm not sure is a good thing or a bad thing, but it's something. 

What is the best bargain you've ever scored?

My banana costume. Was $1 at a US pet store at a post-Halloween sale. You can ever have enough fruit costumes!

You've got $1000 to spend on a shopping spree. Where would you go and what would you spend on?

There two big things in life for me– food and sleep. So that $1000 would go towards one or both of those noble endeavours. For food, I'd hit up the local butcher or stock up on Black Hawk's grain-free chicken. The 10kg pack? I'll take 100.

If I wanted to drop the cash on sleeping accessories, I'd check out the latest range from FuzzYard, or the crazy cool beds from international luxury pet label Mia Cara

Photography: Samara Clifford.


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