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Meet All-Round Designer Meagan de Bono

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Meagan de Bono has two completely divergent jobs. Part-time, she works as an designer, specialising in event and stationery design, branding and illustrative pieces. Her colourful, delicate, feminine illustrations, which are also featured on MWS, outline her appreciation for fluid art and beautiful objects.

As for her other job, you’ll never guess.

She also works in navy administration. 

What inspired you to become involved in design?

De Bono: I moved down to Melbourne in 2012 for my other job (in navy administration). The creative scene is just great down here; I had quite a bit of spare time after work so I took up sketching. I enrolled in the International School of Colour and Design (based in the CBD) for one year where I learnt the basic principles of different art forms- graphic design, interior design, and so on.

How would you describe your approach to design?

DB: I’m enjoying design from a realistic point of view- using predominantly pen in my work. I try to play around with different techniques and illustrations, while considering where they are going to be used and who will engage with them.



Who are your biggest design inspirations?

DB: Megan Hess and Garrant Dore, who are both fashion illustrators. Both of their work is stunning. I do enjoy sketching people and outfits, but also love sketching objects. I hope to incorporate more themes into my work, and placing those objects in contexts.

What are you currently fascinated by and how is it weaving its way into your work?

DB: Colour-wise, I’m tearing back on the amount I use to get [a drawing’s] lines to come out more. I’m fascinated by anything; as simple as the objects around my house. 

What’s behind the name of your brand ‘Adeline Studio’?

DB: [Laughs] Adeline is my middle name. It’s such a difficult task naming a business, many designers go with their first name as a default as you don’t need to register a new business name. But I think my middle name works better.

What store can you not live without?

DB: Gorman is my number one stop–I try to get into their shop every season. I love their collections and how much creative vision goes 

How about online? Do you do much shopping on the web?

DB: A little bit, but I’m more of a hands-on sort of person, if I do buy anything, it’s usually accessories.

What are your favourite places to hang out in Melbourne?

I live in Newport, so I hopping over to Yarraville. It's like a mini-Paris with it’s quaint streets, plus it's peaceful. 

And I have my trusted coffee spots– St Ali and The Kettle Black. 

What will you be buying Mum this Mother’s Day?

Jewellery is the best way to go in my eyes. My Mum doesn’t expect much, but loves my taste, so it’s hard to go wrong.

If de Bono has any advice, it's to "jump into something you want to do now, otherwise you never will", which is prevcicely what she is doing. Her website will be selling stationery and greeting cards soon.


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